One couch top, multiple treatment solutions


The kVue is a state of the art radiotherapy couchtop that is optimized for the most recent advances in technology.


  • Wide variety of interchangeable inserts to form one versatile couch top device

  • Quickly and easily secure couch top inserts with OneTouch™ latch system

  • Low attenuation and surface dose

  • Virtual Indexing ensures precise, repeatable patient positioning every time

  • Minimal artefacting under Cone Beam CT

The kVue is designed for superior performance when used with on-board imaging and cone beam CT while simultaneously reducing skin dose for treatments that pass through the couch. This, combined with the ability to swap the standard indexing insert with modular immobilization devices, makes the kVue one of the most advanced solutions available for IMRT and IGRT patient positioning.


Design provides excellent quality images


The entire cantilevered section of the kVue is radiolucent and

meets IEC and FDA requirements for attenuation. The design

provides excellent quality images for kilovoltage imaging using

standard x-ray and cone beam CT as well as portal imaging

using MV energies.

Moving Stealth Beam Technology


With most kVue Inserts, the support beams can be

laterally repositioned with the patient on the couch

top. The Stealth Beam design virtually eliminated

the artifacts that are usually associated with beamstyle

couch tops. This new beam design also reduces attenuation and surface dose if treating through the support beams.

While it is recommended that the beams are positioned in
the inner or outer position 
to completely avoid critical treatment areas, the actual location of the beams is
infinitely variable.

One-Touch Latch


The kVue features the exclusive OneTouch™ Latch,

which allows an array of kVue inserts to be quickly

attached and easily secured with zero movement

for a variety of treatment solutions. The kVue inserts

provide the functionality of an integrated device,

enabling precise, repeatable sub-millimeter patient

positioning every time.

kVue IGRT Couch Top

kVue IGRT Couchtop Baseframe

The kVue Base is sold separately from the inserts. A recommended starting package consists of the kVue Base and Back Panel (pictured), plus a kVue Standard Insert and a Head & Neck Insert (see below). 

kVue Standard Indexing Insert

The kVue Standard Couchtop Insert is a versatile insert for everyday treatments. The standard insert is stiffer than grid inserts to prevent sagging and extends beyond the end of the beams.

kVue DoseMax Insert

Our DoseMax low-electron generation rigid couch top insert combines the rigidity of a solid panel insert with skin-sparing properties that are comparable to a grid panel insert.

kVue Stradivarius Insert

The Stradivarius™ SBRT system is a complete solution for hypofractionated

non-coplanar treatment. The hour glass design allows for unobstructed

treatment paths. Bridges are available in two sizes and are adjustable in

height. The abdominal compression paddle is also fully adjustable at the

touch of a button to reduce thoracic movement.

kVue Access 360 Prone Breast Insert

The kVue Access 360 is designed to allow breast cancer treatment for both left and right breast. By positioning the patient over the breast opening, beyond the support rails, it enables maximum visual and treatment access to the breast. This insert also provides access to treat the supraclavicular nodes in the same setup.

kVue AccuFix Cantilever Insert

The AccuFix Cantilever Head & Neck insert with integrated shoulder depression.

kVue Portrait Insert

The kVue Portrait Head & Neck Insert offers patient immobilization using S-Frame masks.

kVue PentaFix Insert

The kVue PentaFix Insert offers patient immobilization using 5-point fixation masks.


kVue™ BoS™ Insert

The kVue BoS Insert is specifically designed to meet the requirements of proton therapy for patient immobilization and beam transmission. The contoured design minimizes the distance between the patient and the field defining aperture, optimizing the beam proton penumbra.

kVue Short Insert

The kVue Short Insert is a shorter flat panel insert that allows the couch top to be retracted far enough away from the gantry to extend a cantilevered headboard under the isocenter. 

kVue Universal Tip Insert

The kVue Universal Tip Insert allows mounting of QA and treatment devices. It provides universal mounting capability for all Varian Exact® style tip accessories.

kVue Service Panel

The Service Panel is designed to sit on top of any couch top that uses Varian Exact® indexing. When placed on top of the couch top, it protects the surface during such activities as routine Linac maintenance and water phantom tank calibration.

kVue Storage Cart

The Storage Cart stores Couch top Inserts and Qfix free-standing devices to help organize your treatment room. Lockable caster wheels allow you to roll the cart up to the couch top.

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