Intuitive MU Dose Calculations 


Automate hand calculations of conventional plans or

create simple plans with just a few clicks. A single screen

for inputs, outputs and field-to-field comparisons offers

quick review and easy editing of plans.



Accurate IMRT and RapidArc™ Dose Verifications 


The patented Stanford University “3-Source Model”

results in extremely accurate dose calculations for

segmented treatments such as IMRT, RapidArc™,

or field-in-field plans.



Structure Specific In-Depth IMRT Patient QA


Imported treatment planning system fluence is directly

compared to independently calculated fluence in IMSure

for analysis of the entire field instead of a single point.

Import patient contours to allow comparison of fluence

for each region of interest in the plan.



Cyberknife Plan Verifications 


Fast and easy verification of plan monitor units (MU)

and dose for both composite and per projection analysis.



RapidArc™ Plan Calculation Simplified 


The ARC QA Tool helps limit the complex calculations

associated with RapidArc plans by splitting plan files

into user-defined sub-arcs.



Thorough Stereotactic QA


Expedite confirmation of cone-based or MLC-based SRS

plans with IMSure’s easy-to-use stereotactic features

Visualize Sources in 3D


View calculation reference points and sources, including

catheters and dwell positions, in three dimensions with

keyboard shortcuts for viewing orthogonal, sagittal,

transverse and coronal planes.



In-Depth Analysis of Each Dwell Position


Choose the calculation point and dwell position of

interest and each will be highlighted in the 3D view.

The dose contribution to the chosen calculation point

and corresponding dwell position is shown along with

the factors used in the calculation enabling easy analysis

of every facet of the plan.



Automatic Decay of Source Strength


Choose whether to calculate the dose based on the

reference source strength stored in the source library or

at the source strength at any date and time specified,

including the time of implantation.

Fast, Accurate Brachytherapy Plan Checks


Imports DICOM-RT plan files from treatment planning

systems and utilizes the TG-43 formulism for dose

calculations (Comparison to plan is in percentage difference).



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Fast, precise. 


Unprecedented accuracy from the patented "3-Source Model" algorithm, easy standard MU checks, and uniquely comparitive IMRT Plan QA - no film, no phantom, no linac time required. 






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