EDR2 Film


Extended Dose Range Film for Therapy Energies.


EDR2 film is an addition to Kodak's award winning family of products designed specifically for Oncology applications.

Compared to most x-ray films, EDR is relatively insensitive to x-ray energies and under clinical tests shows an extensive linear path across a very large dose area in the film level making it particularly useful for evaluation of IMRT, and other high dose applications including absolute dosimetry.

EDR2 is a Ready-Pack film and available in two sizes 10x12" or 35x43cm, each pack containing 50 sheets. 


  • 25-400cGy Responsive range

  • 700cGy Approximate saturation exposure

  • Large area.

  • Low cost and widely available

  • Excellent for relative dosimetry including field uniformity, field shapes, port openings and MLCs

  • Wide response range

  • Approximately linear

  • Robust processing


EDR2 Film, 10x12"

Ref 809 7214


EDR2 Film, 35x43 cm

Ref 116 1769


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EDR2 Film

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