3D water phantom for quick, intuitive commissioning and QA.


The DoseView 3D is a 3-axis water scanning phantom that fuses robust hardware with easy-to-use software for superior beam commissioning and quality assurance measurements.


Manufactured with a rigid, aluminum frame and stainless steel leadscrews, the DoseView 3D provides a consistent platform for repeated QA testing. Meticulous construction ensures consistent measurement accuracy within ±0.1 mm per axis.





The Cartesian coordinate system and ability to set isocenter to any point within the tank avoids rotational errors possible with cylindrical tanks.





The wireless pendant with audible and visual cues and a backlit display make configuring and controlling the DoseView 3D easy to perform and remember.





Three leveling screws are mounted above the phantom’s scanning volume, making it easy to fine-tune even when the phantom is filled with water.

Simple Setup


Setup is simple, fast and repeatable with the DoseView 3D. A wireless pendant and fiducials on the tank allow for quick coarse positioning, while the Precision Positioning Platform helps perform the final minute adjustments. Auto-fill capacity allows users to install detectors while the tank is filling. The Detector Alignment System ensures that the center of the detector is consistently placed at the exact position relative to the water’s surface.

Intelligent Scanning


Begin data acquisition by using either the wizard-based or manual setup options to define custom scans, which can be saved and recalled for later testing. These sets can be implemented, edited and organized on a TPS or custom basis. The DoseView 3D acquires both depth dose and profile data in a single operation. All scan data is saved in real-time in case a beam needs to be shutoff.

Comprehensive Analysis


The Scan Processing Module in the DoseView 3D software features a suite of tools for data manipulation. All raw scan data is stored in the same file format as processed data for quick reference and comparison. Scan data is stored in machine -> energy -> SSD hierarchy for easy browsing and editing of existing files.



Easy Export


Export scan data to a variety of treatment planning systems, including: Varian Eclipse, Phillips Pinnacle, CMS XiO, Nucletron™ Oncentra and Monaco. All supported TPS systems are included at no additional charge.





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DoseView 3D Water Phantom

  • Motion Controller System with +/- 0.1mm positioning accuracy

  • DoseView 3D High Speed Dual Channel Electrometer with 10fC resolution

  • One Piece Cast Aluminium top mount 3 point levelling frame 

  • Engraved crosshairs aid in water phantom setup

  • Wireless Pendant for remote control & faster set-up operations

  • Automatic beam centre detection aids in less than 30 minute set-up

  • Crosshair Alignment System performs initial set up matching ODI and room lasers

  • Detector Alignment System places centre of all detectors at the same position relative to water surface without resetting isocentre origins.

  • Automatic origin limit settings defines internal coordinate positions during water phantom initialization saving time

  • Compatible with cylindrical, parallel plate ion chambers, and diode detectors

  • 2 x Exradin A28 Scanning cylindrical chambers for measurements and reference

DoseView 3D Software

DoseView 3D Software for advanced acquisition, analysis, and reporting

  • Auto acquisition creates, stores, and easily edits scanning routines for future use saving time

  • Export to all supported treatment planning software systems 

DoseView 3D Lift & Reservoir Cart

  • Fully integrated telescopic electric lift mechanism

  • Integrated Lift Cart and Water Reservoir with fast 7 minute auto-fill and auto-suction

  • Quick coupling hose connection and electric water suction

  • Precision Positioning Platform for 12.5mm x,y fine adjustment and +/- 1° rotation

  • Discrete engagement at 10, 45, and 90 degree intervals

  • Convenient storage area for power and supplies 

  • Two fixed and two steerable rollers with brakes for stable positioning

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DoseView 3D 



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