Sophistication that makes QA simple

With a choice of software options you can expand the potential of your Delta 4PT with the ability to view 3D results in the patient anatomy, set pass/fail criteria for specific structures, evaluate in 4D where any deviation in delivery occurs. With the Machine QA option you can also increase your efficiency and run routine QA analysis of the beam constancy, flatness, and MLC position. 



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Delta4 Rotational Therapy QA module

Software functionality for the acquisition, presentation and analysis of the dose distribution and the delivery sequence in rotational therapy modalities including Varian RapidArc, Elekta VMAT and Philips SmartArc.

Delta4 Tomotherapy QA module

Software functionality for the acquisition, presentation and analysis of the dose distribution and delivery in tomotherapy.

Delta4 Machine QA module

Advanced machine QA in 3D and 4D for the periodical checks and analysis of accelerator beam constancy. 


  • Dynamic checks include linac start-up with parameterization, start-up reproducibility.

  • Static checks include dose output, flatness, symmetry and energy constancy.

  • Automated MLC picket fence test with absolute and relative positon deviations in various gantry angles.


Delta4 DVH software module

  • Calculation of full 3D volume dose distribution and deviations.

  • Display of distribution and deviations in Sagittal, Coronal and Transverse planes.

  • Calculation of Dose Volume Histograms (DVH) for patient structures.

  • The calculation uses either TPS Plan Data or Accelerator Beam Data.

  • DICOM STRUCTURE import function.

Delta4 DVH Professional software module

Includes all functionality of Delta 4DVH, plus: 


  • Automated analysis of deviations with respect to their clinical relevance.

  • Gamma, Dose Deviation and Distance to Agreement analysis for selected structures.

  • Structures are classified as Target or Organs at Risk
    with relevant acceptance criteria for different types of structures and different types of treatment cases.

Delta4 DVH Anatomy software module

Includes all functionality of Delta 4DVH Professional, plus:

  • Calculation of the delivered dose in the Patient based on high accuracy dose measurements in the Delta4PT phantom.

  • Display of 3D dose distribution in the Patient Anatomy and DVH calculation in the Patient Structure set.

  • Import of CT images.

Delta4PT Sagittal-Coronal support

  • Support jig for the Delta4 phantom to orient the detector planes in the sagittal and coronal planes.

  • Software support for acquisition and analysis of sagittal and coronal measured data.

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