Target motion management QA in 6D


The success of gating and tumor tracking requires rigorous QA and validation to meet the goal of better coverage of the target and sparing of organs at risk. The HexaMotion 6D Motion Platform uniquely uses the patient specific tumor motion pattern and replicates it in 6 dimensions.



Treat what you intend to treat


Intra-fractional movements of the tumour can cause large geometrical errors. This is especially true for tumours in the lung and the liver, but it has been shown* that even the prostate, which is often regarded as stable, can move considerably throughout treatment. If these geometrical errors are not handled correctly they can result in critical dosimetric errors.


This may result in the tumor volume receiving too little dose to achieve tumor control while organs at risk can receive too high dosage.



Ensure tumour control in moving targets


  • Verify motion effects using real tumour motions

  • Determine which patients require motion management

  • Validate the complete delivery chain


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HexaMotion Motion Management QA system

Moving platform for the dosimetric QA of gating and tumor tracking treatment technologies. Testing the entire chain from motion tracking system to the dose delivery. Includes:

  • 6 dimensional platform for precise positioning of the Delta4 Phantom

  • Handset for setting origin and moving to park position

  • Ethernet cable

  • Interface

HexaMotion Trolley

Trolley for HexaMotion Motion Management QA system. Designed for easy and ergonomical placement of the HexaMotion system on the treatment couch without any manual lifting.

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