Safety for the patient at treatment.


The Delta4 Discover monitors with high accuracy the dose that is delivered to the patient. It automatically compares the delivered dose with the planned dose.The patient and the clinic can be ensured that the treatment is delivered precisely and safely. 


The system is easy to implement and operate and the normal routines during treatment can be followed without changes. By adding security and confidence in the dose delivery it allows the clinical staff to focus more on the patient and less on the machine. 



The Ultra-thin Delta4 Discover detector uniquely gives you:


  • Maintained clearance: The detector builds only 23 mm from the collimator surface and fits discretely within the anti-collision protection system.

  • Beam transparent: The least influence on the beam attenuation, less than 1%,

  • Minimal skin dose: less than 1% additional skin dose.

  • Highest resolution: The detector array consists of more than 4000 detectors positioned along the MLC leaves allowing detection of submilimeter positioning errors and dosage errors.





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Delta4 Discover - how it works


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Delta4 Discover

In vivo Dosimetry system for advanced raditherapy treatment technologies. 

  • Delta4 In-vivo dosimetry software for acquisition of data and analyzing functions

  • High resolution 2D detector array

  • Integrated fixture for attachment to the gantry 

  • MLC and RS422 serial interface

  • Wi-Fi communication set including wireless access point

  • Battery charger

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Delta4 Discover

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