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OPASCA offer solutions for process digitisation in healthcare to help improve the quality of care, relieve specialist capacities and increase patient autonomy. 

OPASCA's customised concepts intelligently connect and network all the people and components involved in treatment. From ensuring correct patient identity to audiovisual monitoring to radiation detection: The modular, scalable OPASCA solutions allow for an efficient, safe workflow and increased capacity. 

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OPASCA enters partnership with Oncology Imaging Systems


OPASCA GmbH, a leading company for innovative safety and patient management solutions in radiotherapy, has entered into a partnership with Oncology Imaging Systems Limited (OIS), a leading distributor in the British and Irish markets.

Simplify complex clinical routines through process optimisation

The OPASCA Workflow Suite simplifies the complex clinical routine. It ensures that all processes are interconnected and run more efficiently, leaving more time for individual and focused patient care.

The OPASCA Safety Suite offers patients and staff a range of safety mechanisms that can be combined to form an integrated safety system that protects everyone involved in the process, delivering a safe environment to aid patient and staff wellbeing. 

OPASCA Workflow Suite

OPASCA Safety Suite

OPASCA Solutions
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