Manual laser systems for patient alignment in radiotherapy


Integrated in a superior aluminium housing our ASTOR room laser combines advanced optics, high precision mechanics and state of the art electronics to ensure the highest level of stability and reliability.















LAP laser systems are fitted with unbreakable, specially flattened glass windows. This minimizes scattering and guarantees ultrafine lines at all transition angles.



LAP ULTRALINE is the result of advanced mechanical components and unique optoelectronics used to generate and align laser lines for medical applications.

The ultrafine and very long lines meet the

high quality requirements for linearity and brightness distribution.



LAP ASTOR lasers are equipped with adjustable tilting brackets allowing for rotation up to 45°. The ASTOR’s compact design makes it an ideal solution for tight mounting locations.



The ASTOR laser’s horizontal and vertical tilt can be easily adjust without removing the cover. Translation, rotation, and focus are adjusted after removing the cover via the convenient quick lock mechanism.



              Tilt vertical plane


              Tilt horizontal plane





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Manually adjustable ASTOR laser with red lines, compact housing and tilting bracket 


AS-LR (Line) 

AS-LR 90 (Tilted line 90°)

AS-KR (Crosshair) 


ASTOR green

Manually adjustable ASTOR laser with green lines, compact housing and tilting bracket 


AS-LG (Line) 

AS-LG 90 (Tilted line 90°)

AS-KG (Crosshair) 


ASTOR Freestanding Post

For installations where wall mounting is not possible the ASTOR laser can be equipped with an optional floor mounted post. 


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