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We offer a variety of S-Frame thermoplastics for use with our Portrait device and other systems 


Aquaplast RT™ 

Invented in 1975, Aquaplast was the first low-temperature thermoplastic used in radiotherapy. Its rigidity, resistance to shrinkage, and easy moulding qualities are unparalleled in the industry. 




Our premium thermoplastic, Fibreplast, is the most rigid low-temperature thermoplastic available for use in radiotherapy
and is the preferred choice for IMRT. Fibreplast is reinforced with Kevlar, which not only makes it more rigid than other thermoplastics, it also shrinks less and therefore increases patient comfort and positioning reproducibility.   






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Aquaplast RT Head-Only S-Frame, Standard

Order code: RT-1679SD  1.6mm

Order code: RT-1779SD  2.4mm

Order code: RT-1889SD  3.2mm

Fibreplast Head-Only S-Frame, Standard

Order code: RT-1779KSD  2.4mm

Order code: RT-1889KSD  3.2mm

Aquaplast RT Head-Only S-Frame, Extended

Order code: RT-1679SDX  1.6mm

Order code: RT-1779SDX  2.4mm

Order code: RT-1889SDX  3.2mm

Fibreplast Head-Only S-Frame, Extended 

Order code: RT-1779KSDX  2.4mm

Order code: RT-1889KSDX  3.2mm

Aquaplast RT Head-Only S-Frame, Long

Order code: RT-1679SDL  1.6mm

Order code: RT-1779SDL  2.4mm

Order code: RT-1889SDL  3.2mm

Fibreplast Head-Only S-Frame, Long 

Order code: RT-1779KSDL  2.4mm

Order code: RT-1889KSDL  3.2mm

Aquaplast RT Head & Shoulder S-Frame

Order code: RT-1682SD  1.6mm

Order code: RT-1782SD  2.4mm

Order code: RT-1882SD  3.2mm, less stretch

Order code: RT-1892SD  3.2mm

Fibreplast Head & Shoulder S-Frame

Order code: RT-1782KSD  2.4mm

Order code: RT-1892KSD  3.2mm

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   Aquaplast RT

 & Fibreplast





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